Frequently asked questions


Q: Will I receive high resolution images when purchasing the reprint rights that allow you to  download?
A: YES. Always

Q:  Do I have to pay for my reprint rights?
A:  Yes, you may purchase the reprint rights for $50.00.  This allows you to download your entire gallery and purchase prints and products anywhere you choose.  You may still order through 

Q:  What is the difference between reprint rights and copyrights?
A:  I own the copyrights to all the images, meaning that clients or anyone else may not use them for advertising or anything commercial.  When posting on social media, you must acknowledge Kandice Mae Photography.  You will be able to view and order from my website, or you can can purchase reprint rights. This allows the client to download images and print anywhere.

Q:  Can I bring anything to my session?
A:  YES.  I love when clients personalize their session with things that will be unique and meaningful.

Q: How far in advanced can I book my maternity or newborn session with KMP?
A: After you are 9-12 weeks pregnant, you may contact me to book your date.

Q: If I book right now for my wedding, will the prices change?
A: NO.  When you book your wedding or any other session, you are locked in at the price I quote you.

Q: What is your style?
A:  I love any image that looks like a piece of art.  I like to dabble with all types and styles of photography.  Journalistic, rustic, modern, classic, etc.  I let the event or session lead me in the right direction.  Ex: Country themed wedding- more rustic, Senior session in downtown Minneapolis- urban/journalistic feel.

Q:  What's in your camera bag?
A:  I have a Nikon d800 I use 90% of the time and Nikon d5100 for back up.  I have a ton of lenses!  I primarily use my 135mm, 50mm, 35mm, and 70-300.  I also carry around a reflector, batteries, chargers, cleaners, loads of sd cards, straps, gray cards, my laptop (when needed), and flashes!  It's pretty heavy.

Q:  How long before I will get my online gallery after my session is over?
A:  For most sessions, 2 weeks.  There will be seasons that this may very.  The photographer will make you aware of any delays.

Q:  Do you do photography full time?
A:  YES.  I have two daughters that are in school full-time now, so I'm able to devote my time fully to photography!  I also have a heated studio that allows me to shoot year round.