Do you have an upcoming session with
Kandice Mae Photography? Here are some tips!


Maternity tips:
* Wearing something solid colored and form fitting is the most flattering.  You can dress it up with hats, scarfs, jewlery, "Belly Bling", shoes, and other accessories.

Newborn tips:
* I will have some baby supplies on hand.  I would still like you to bring; wipes, diapers, nuk, change of clothes for baby and parents, milk, etc.
* This may be the only time that we get those sleepy baby pictures.  A couple tips to keep them that way are: Feed them before their session, keep them covered and warm before entering the warm studio, slowly take them out of their carrier, and try scheduling a time when they are usually sleeping.
* Most shots will be naked, but please also bring a couple different cute outfits.

Children tips:
* Personality. All the smiles, tears, giggles, seriousness, sweetness, and squishy-goofy faces are moments you will want to remember.  I let children be who they are!  That's when we get the best results.  Be ready for Crazy Kandice!!  I will do anything to get your little guy or gal to smile :) 

Senior tips:
* Feel free to bring props.  If you are in any sports or clubs you may bring some equiptment.  Hobbies and tradition are important too!
* Girls: Please bring your make-up for touch up

Family tips:
* I like to do large family sessions outside or at a special location.  Coordinating outfits are not always easy to find for 4 people or more, so please ask me for additional information.  I can help assist as well as I can.  You can stay simple with a neutral colors and a POP of a certain color.  You can find a specific color and find it in different patterns and textures.
* Just relax and have fun.  Although, the situation could get hectic, don't worry about forcing smiles.  Just have fun!  Your children and the smiles will come on their own.

Couple & Engagement tips:
* Make sure that if you are getting fancy that you're also comfortable.  We will be doing a lot of walking around and playing.  Pick outfits that your significant other also LOVES you wearing.  Trust me *wink*, it's easier to get those flirtatious photos.

Wedding tips:
* This isn't so much as a photography tip, as much as a personal tip.... My mom told me the week before my wedding, "Every once in a while, stop.  Take a look around and just soak it in.  Even if that means taking a moment to step back.  You will remember things more vividly."  She was right.  I did it at my wedding :)  Everytime I made eye contact with her, I took a deep breath and looked around.  That feeling is always in my heart.

~You can ALWAYS bring special items to your sessions.  I encourage it!  Something as simple as a prop can really get the subject to connect.  Thank you again for your time and business.